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House of Cards | Original Song by Rachel McCamy

I’m gonna be honest here when I say I thought this song would have just as much impact as my other okay-sounding songs; I perform it for my mom (aka my most trusted opinion) and she says, “Oh yeah, that’s good, hun,” pats me on the head, and sends me off for me to proceed to put the song away forever, never to be played again. I thought the song to be mediocre (card games and a toxic relationship- how simple) but all of the people I performed it for really seemed to enjoy it, and I think it’s because they can relate to the song a lot, which is all I’ve ever wanted my songs to do. The people who listened to this song (including my friend Ryan, as stated in the audio recording I’m sharing with you all) really allowed me to have faith in this song again.

The chorus of the song was inspired by a relationship I had, and while it was short lived, it taught me a lot about the difference between love and lust, whether or not I truly wanted a relationship where I had to walk around eggshells in order to not offend that person or be offended. I realized I did not want a relationship like a house of cards. Even if we spend all this time delicately building something together, that doesn’t change the fact that we don’t have substance: “We take one out, we’re tumbling down.”

My favorite part about writing this song was the reaction I got from my family. Keep in mind my family is purely Italian, so it was nice I made all these card references throughout the song (during the verses) and they knew exactly what they were. Most of time I would tell my friends, “Get it? We’re burning a bridge because of the card game bridge!” and all I got back were confused looks. It made me question how commercially successful the song really is. The more I delve into this song, talking about the lyrics, the more I question for the better. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as my limited family and friends audience.

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