Rachel McCamy Singer Songwriter

A Mess Like This | Original Song by Rachel McCamy

A Mess Like This

Music & Lyrics by Rachel McCamy

The nerves emerged into beautiful butterflies
Strong feelings made me weak in the knees
We met in the theater, played the fools and despite riding on the same train of thought
Our destinations were different
Deep thoughts written on the same page, on the same page
Complaints about her were music to my ears
You told me you’d give me your life at the masquerade ball
I told you I’d give you this song at the candor court
I will not be the other woman for I am not like any other
Will not be the other woman for I’m not just another woman
I’ve told you before, I swear it’s true
That you can’t keep me in a mess like this like you know you do
I’ve told you before I swear it’s okay
Don’t be keeping me in a mess like this every single day
I’m through
I will not be the other woman, now I’m the one that’s leaving you
So he tells me, I choose her
We look like we’re meant to be
She’ll be the pretty little housewife you won’t be
He may get to be her king but now I get to be my queen
He wants the perfect scenario yet I’m this perfect on my own
The cake ain’t his to have and eat for I am not that sugar sweet and

(repeat chorus)

One more time

(repeat first pre-chorus and chorus)

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  • Robyn Bass
    Posted at 20:32h, 26 June

    I love this!