Rachel McCamy Singer Songwriter

Rain Cloud | Original Song by Rachel McCamy

Rain Cloud – Lyrics by Rachel McCamy

I had to learn how to be my own sunshine
For he is the rain cloud
From the 2% of times we compromised
 The rainbows we made were the reasons I stayed
His storms would come at night
Covering more sunshine than I’m willing to admit
I’d soon begin to realize watching his storm and being in his storm are way different ways of getting hurt
Still there was I, wishing for our rainbows again
But I’d begin to learn every now and then
Despite how beautiful they are
Rainbows are illusions 
For our imperfect human eyes to see
The storms may have caused much damage here on my earth
(But) you can bet your bottom dollar tomorrow they’ll be sun
And suns seem to shine the brightest after the darkest rain clouds disappear 
Pay attention to the men who give you nice breezes and the whole hurricane 
Despite what he may say
Rainbows are refractions
Caused by the sunlight that’s not his own
Despite what you may say to yourself
Rainbows are the mountains 
You climb when you don’t want to feel alone
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