Nashville Backstage at 3rd and Lindsley

This was an event at 3rd and Lindsley– not on the bigger stage, but rather a more intimate behind the scenes event. Being able to perform backstage in a VIP section with couches, MoonPies, and eclectic lights is an experience I will never forget. I got to perform one of my songs in front of many well-accredited songwriters and audiences members from around the country, most importantly, those who enjoy original acoustic music. It was a wonderful listening room to be a part of.

You might be thinking that must have been a dream of mine, to perform my song in front of people who actually care about my passion, those who can critique my song to the best of their ability.

Was it amazing? Absolutely.

Was it also extremely nerve-wracking?

No doubt about it. I wish I could say I said everything right. I remember having a prepared speech in my head to thank everyone there, tell everyone where they can find me to play other gigs (@rachelmccamymusic) and have an overall nonchalance to the whole thing.

What came out was a sweaty tremble of a person. Every thought important to me at that moment somehow completely left my head, and all I remember saying was, “Forgive me, my strings are a little light.” I knew all I could do at that moment was let the song do its thing.

Thankfully, they liked it. It meant so much to me to see other songwriters tell me I have a gift, and remind me I can take this far. One of the main reasons why this performance in particular was so important to me is because of my personal importance of being a well-known songwriter, networking with other writers like me to make beautiful music.

It was so important for me to gain the experience from the songwriters that write what’s on the radio. I got to meet singer-songwriters such as (Grammy Award winning and nominated songwriter) Ray Stephenson, Justin Wilson, (credited for many No.1 charted country songs), and many other writers that performed after I did. Watching them perform with as much heart as people that actually perform was nothing short of inspiring. It gave me hope this is something I can do with my life, my career, especially in the great city of Nashville.

Nashville Backstage is a wonderful Nashville Entertainment Group. Please contact Dane Gorman and/or Jill Block to see the best highlight of what it is to be in Nashville! I’m guessing from my successful performance the first time, I’ll see you there!

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